Character Collections


Hello!  My name is C.J., and I live in Sunflower Village, Ohio.  My parents named me after the first female self-made millionaire of the United States, Sarah Breedlove better known as Madam C.J. Walker.

Madam Walker built her fortune in the early 1900’s by developing a hair care business for women of color that had been struggling with inadequate products and baldness.  She would go onto expand her business into a factory, beauty school, sales training facility and research laboratory.

She trained thousands of women and taught them financial independence.  A true feminist of her time.

I am a leader in my school and community just like Madam C.J. Walker.  My passions are entrepreneurship and economics.

I am C.J., an American of African descent.  Welcome to Sunflower Village!


Hello!  My name is Maya, and I live in Sunflower Village, Ohio.  My parents named me after the renowned American sculptor and architectural genius Maya Lin. I have always loved simple and colorful  clothing.

As a senior in college at Yale, Maya Lin won the national competition for designing a monument to celebrate the history and sacrifice of the Vietnam War.  This accomplishment of design is located in Washington, D.C and is The Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

She would then go on to design the Civil Rights Memorial in Birmingham, Alabama.

Maya Lin, the sculptor, is  known  for her simplistic style with graceful and polished lines.

My passions are art and design, just like my namesake.

I am Maya, an American of Chinese descent.  Welcome to Sunflower Village!


Hello!  My name is Sonia, and I live in Sunflower Village, Ohio.  My parents named me after the first Latina U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor.

Judge Sotomayor was raised as the eldest of two in New York City via the Bronx.  Born into a working class family that prioritized excellence in education she aspired to attend Princeton University and then went  on to Yale Law.

At Princeton, she was awarded the Pyne Prize which is the highest academic honor.  At Yale she was the editor of the Yale Law Journal.

Judge Sotomayor strives for excellence in learning and law. I love learning the history of Latin culture, and how it has influenced our wonderful country.

My passions are history and fashion.

I am Sonia, an American of Puerto Rican descent.  Welcome to Sunflower Village!


Hello!  My name is Hilda and I live in Sunflower Village, Ohio.  My parents named me after Hilda Solis, the first person of Central American heritage to hold a cabinet Secretary position.

Hilda was the first member of her family to graduate college.  She was the first woman to ever receive the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award.  She earned the award for shedding light on  minority and low-income communities needing environmental protections to keep their families safe.

Both of Hilda’s parents were in labor unions when she was young.  As a social advocate,  she fought for labor, immigration, and the environment.

My passions are environmental causes and inclusion.  My friends know that I am the one who always arranges everything for our groups, activities, and fun time.

I am Hilda, an American of  Mexican descent.  Welcome to Sunflower Village!


Hello!  My name is Jhumpa and I live in Sunflower Village, Ohio.  My parents named me after author, Nilanjana Sudeshna Lahiri, known to her friends as Jhumpa.

Lahiri was awarded the 2000 Pulitizer Prize for Fiction for her short story collection ​Interpreter of Maladies.  

Appointed to the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities by President Barack Obama, she would later resign and take her talents to Princeton University as a creative writing professor.

She is known for her stories which share the voice of the Indian American. As a result, the Indian American voice is heard; therefore, creating their space in the US melting pot.

My passions are reading, oratory, and jewelry making.

I am Jhumpa, an American of  Bangladesh descent.  Welcome to Sunflower Village!


Hello!  My name is Eleanor, my friends call me Ellie, and I live in Sunflower Village, Ohio.  My parents named me after Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, better known as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Eleanor Roosevelt was orphaned as a young child.  She was raised by her grandmother and would go on to marry our soon-to-be, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

She was an outspoken First Lady, a human rights activist, and civil rights supporter.  She accomplished great things in her life.

Mrs. Roosevelt advocated use of the media as a launch pad for her passions and organizations she supported. Imagine her voice if she lived today and was able to communicate using the internet and social media!

My passions are travel and social causes.  Additionally, I loved attending non-profit events with my grandmother.

I am Ellie, an American of Irish descent.  Welcome to Sunflower Village!


Our Village Story

When I became a mother 19 years ago, I recognized early on that a void existed in the marketplace for products that reflected my children physically. I felt that there was a REAL need for products in the marketplace that were a positive reflection of my own children…fun, colorful, creative products. Products that imbued confidence and a sense of pride and empowerment.

Frustrated with this void and after years of working in ‘Corporate America’ I decided to start my own interior design business. I specialized in custom design, that would reflect the spirit and personality of the child and family. I absolutely love getting to know my clients and coming up with designs that directly reflect their personality – it has been a true joy!

I spent eight years focusing on juvenile, commercial and residential design that would eventually evolve into the niche of family-oriented design. Bringing a room to life, as a design artist, has been fun and rewarding.

As much as I love design, I still felt that original tug on my heart from years long ago that something was sorely missing in the marketplace. I felt the persistence of a dream that had taken root long ago, but had not yet found its way to the surface to thrive and grow….until now!

Seventeen years later I am dusting off my original business plan and beginning to pursue the dream that had taken root in my soul. A dream of starting an inclusion home lifestyle product line for children.

After my oldest went off to college I created, developed, designed and implemented Sunflower Kids for multi-cultural families. As much as I would like to take all the recognition for the timing and blossoming of this dream, I truly feel the evolution of Sunflower Kids in 2017 is a testament to God’s Glory. Putting my original dream on hold and waiting for His timing.

Ecclesiastes 3:1  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens

The very same village where I have raised my children, with the support of friends and neighbors has actually brought me full circle to my original dream. A village comprised of many cultures living together, learning together and supporting one another.

With my personal experience of living in a small town in the Midwest the concept of Sunflower Village began to blossom! Sunflower Village is a small slice of America that reflects all cultures living and learning together side by side. Sunflower Kids products are created to empower and reflect the individuality of each child.

My passions in art, color creativity, education, children and fun are the very framework upon which Sunflower Kids is built. So without further ado…with open arms and open heart…. I welcome you to Sunflower Village!!!


Sunflower Kids, LLC

Cincinnati, OH